Carter is a shy, fearful, blue crayfish who is always ready to help his friends. He may be small, but he is mighty in his deeds.


Christian is a turtle who speaks his mind and sometimes makes rash decisions. When he knows he has not made the right choice, he prays, asking for guidance and direction.


Freddy is a Sharktopus – half shark and half octopus. He is excellent at sports and is always ready to encourage his friends when things seem bleak.


David often finds himself learning from his mistakes. His love for Jesus, family, and friends is evident in his words and actions.


January is a blue crab and is June’s twin sister.
She is kind and has a playful nature.


June is an orange crab and is January’s twin sister.
She is shy but kind and loving to her family and friends.


Susie is a large, pink shark. She always tries to be a leader and a peacemaker. She understands how important it is to be responsible.


Mandy is a feisty, confident, purple eel. Although she relies on her material wealth to a fault, she has a heart of gold that is demonstrated though her actions towards her friends.


Marcus is a barracuda and is the neighborhood troublemaker. He can seem cold-hearted but at times he demonstrates he has a caring heart.


Melissa is a yellow blowfish. She is very humble and grateful for all she has. She can be easily distracted but is always focused on her love for the Lord.


Slim is Marcus’s best friend. He tries to be the voice of reason in times of trouble.


Mary is Christian’s little sister. She has a sweet personality, and she exhibits unconditional love.

Miss Sally Seahorse

Miss Sally Seahorse is the schoolteacher. Her southern accent is soothing and inviting. She loves the Sea Kids as if they were her own.

Miss Linda Mermaid

Miss Linda Mermaid is the Sunday School teacher. She has a sweet disposition and teaches the Sea Kids about God and His Son Jesus.

Coach Crab

Coach Crab is bold and ready to lead the Sea Kids in the right direction. He is the voice of reason, even though sometimes he can be a worrier.