Free Devotional Teaching Children to be Responsible

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Focus: Colossians 3:23

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…” (ESV).

Sea Kids Storysusie learns to be responsible with her new puppy

Susie tells her parents that she is responsible enough to take care of a puppy. Her parents surprise her with a puppy on her birthday and she takes him to the park with her friends, Melissa and Mandy. While at the park, Susie is devastated and prays to Jesus when she loses her puppy. With the help of her friends and family, her puppy is returned home, and she learns how important it is to be responsible.

Watch and Read Together

Pure Flix offers a free trial, where you can get all 26 Sea Kids episodes! Watch Sea Kids episode, “Praying for Puppy.” Then, read 1 John 5:14 and Mark 11:24.

You can find episode details here.

Explore Together

Do you remember getting something that you really wanted and how it made you feel? Sometimes we are so happy in the moment that we forget what our parents told us regarding how to take care of the special gift. Getting a cat, dog, or any animal is a privilege and a responsibility. After all, you will be taking care of a creature that God created, one that has feelings and needs. When your parents tell you how to take care of your special gift, it is wise that you listen to them. And if you ever find that you are in need, remember family and friends will help you and always pray to Jesus for help, too!

Share Together

Answer these questions together. Have an open and honest discussion and learn how each family member can be respectful to each other and other people, as God’s word directs.

  • What are some of the things you have wanted for your birthday?
  • How has Jesus used you or your parents in answering prayers for other people?
  • What chores or responsibilities do you have at home?
  • What have you asked Jesus for lately?

Finally, Pray Together!

Set a time each day to pray, asking the Holy Spirit to fill you with the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • As you pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you, look for opportunities to exhibit, in your actions, one Fruit, in particular, that day and another fruit the next day, until you have exhibited each Fruit of God’s Holy Spirit.

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