Free Devotional! Teaching the Importance of Listening

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Focus: Proverbs 15:32-33

“But a person who accepts correction gains understanding. Respect for the Lord will teach you wisdom” (ICB).

Sea Kids Storymelissa blowfish realizing the importance of listening

Melissa has a problem listening. When she doesn’t pay attention to the posted rules, she finds herself in trouble. After she gets to school, she is sprayed with purple-colored octopus ink. During the school day, she sits in wet paint and uses the broken restroom which causes a flood in school. Melissa prays to Jesus to help her pay attention, listen, and obey the rules. She apologizes to her teacher and mother and learns it is very important to listen and pay attention.

You can find episode details here.

Watch and Read Together

Pure Flix offers a free trial, where you can get all 26 Sea Kids episodes! Watch Sea Kids episode, “The Color of Attention.” Then, read Proverbs 2:2, 2:5, and 4:25.

Explore Together

Have you ever found yourself staring at the classroom ceiling, thinking of what you are going to do after school? Or have you ever looked out the window and missed what your teacher said because you were thinking about playing outside? Sometimes people daydream or do not pay attention. Paying attention can help prevent you from getting into big trouble or getting hurt. For example, making sure to look both ways before crossing the street or listening to your parents when they tell you to stay away from the hot stove can help keep you safe. You can help others pay attention by nicely telling them or helping them to remember something important. This is being a good friend!

Share Together

Answer these questions together. Have an open and honest discussion and learn how each family member can be respectful to each other and other people, as God’s word directs.

  • In your own words, what does “gaining understanding” mean?
  • Which famous book helps us to gain correct knowledge? What have you learned from this famous book?
  • What can cause you to not pay attention when you are being taught something?
  • Why do you think it is important to listen and obey the rules?

Finally, Pray Together!

Set a time each day to pray, asking the Holy Spirit to fill you with the Fruit of the Spirit.

  • As you pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you, look for opportunities to exhibit, in your actions, one Fruit, in particular, that day and another fruit the next day, until you have exhibited each Fruit of God’s Holy Spirit.

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